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Serving up New Trend.

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and offering customers nutritious food so that after dining with us, they will feel refreshed and energized.

Blending time-honored Asian food with the American lifestyle, Spice Bowl offers a different approach for patrons; it’s a build-your-own concept where you can customize your own bowl of spicy Asian cuisine.Meals on future visits to Spice Bowl can be as unique as the first.

Step up to the food presentation counter and build your own sensational Asian creation in a generous eco-friendly sugarcane bowl.

Our menu of options:

· Rice, noodles or salad

· Garden fresh and daily chopped vegetables

· Lean protein selections

· Assorted sauces made inhouse daily

*We prepare our protein food using only the finest selection of premium beef, chicken, and shrimp. They are 100% free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.